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Country : Cameroon
Project : Ayos Bonis Road lot1
Year : 2002
Customers : Ministry of Public Works - Yaounde
Funding : Kuwait Development Fund
Caracteristics :
The project includes the construction of the Ayos-Abong Mbang road (88 km) and a bridge over the
Nyong AYOS a length of 77 meters. This road is the main route of opening up of the Eastern Province and disposal of products from logging.
Mission of IDC : Mission IDC as a representative of PACE in this project is to:
  • Assistance to the Owner for the procurement of works ;
  • Management of the execution of works contracts ;
  • Scheduling, supervision and coordination of the site ;
  • Environmental monitoring of the project ;
  • Support the operations of acceptance of work ;
  • Studies of the conditional phase.